It is a time management technique which helps you to complete your tasks timely, In this technique you set an alarm of 25 minutes and start doing your task; you may get distracted by many things, but don’t lose your focus and keep doing your job.

I practice this technique to do my assignment of business Economics, that assignment is not easy, but this technique helps me to start my that pending assignment. I also get distracted by two things, I get notification on my mobile so, I put it on silent and then my mother calls me so I explained her that I am doing a task and after it’s completion I will do your work.


so, in this way I solve the problems of distraction. It was not as difficult for me to apply this technique. I am happy that it helps me to start my work. I will use this to complete my all type of assignments.

This technique is effective, it can be used to complete your all type of tasks. It makes you a productive person. Time is precious So, we should manage our time to become successful.

student of management sciences